If you want to get more Likes on your Facebook activities especially on your business fan page, then you're quite lucky as there are actually plenty of ways on how it can be done. Below, you'll discover 6 ways to make it happen, so better keep reading.


Tip number 1. One visit - there are lots of people who are visiting non-profit or a business' page for once. They will just take a quick look and will either give it a like or not. Then once done, would not give it a visit anymore. Make sure that you have included a non-profit info on the page along with a good profile picture and cover photo as well. Not only that, see to it that you have added your URL to be able to increase your engagement.


Tip number 2. Include Facebook apps - Facebook has made a way for users to add applications that can help you add and also, diversify content. You can add apps that is going to give you power to do polls as well as quizzes. You can even add apps that would help you bring RSS feed from your blog right into your fan page.


Tip number 3. Take advantage of social plug-ins - these social plug-ins are the Share, Like and several other buttons. Facebook Page Plug-In, which you find in its Quick Help section allows you to promote your page on your site and visitors can get to share your page or like it without having to leave your fan page. Watch this video at and know more about social media.


Tip number 4. Automatic content - there are literally countless of non-profits that only have limited time as well as resources and among the simplest things you can do is to automate and schedule posts.


Tip number 5. Consider running a promotion - a great way of boosting your Facebook Likes or buy facebook likes cheap to your business fan page is by simply running a promo. This has been done in so many ways and it's additionally a great approach to get people more interested in what you store for them. You may want to search for help section of this social media platform to know how promotions work.



Tip number 6. Place a CTA - make sure that you place a call to action (CTA) to your cover photo and see to it that it's creative. Naturally, people are going to see your cover photo and their eyes will turn into your CTA eventually. You may place a Book Now, Sign Up or Watch Video CTA whichever suits best to your fan page and business. You can buy facebook likes cheap here!