After creating a Facebook fan page, the next thing to think about is getting likes for it. There are tons of techniques available, but most of them are a trial and error. This can delay the desired results. To get quick results, you have to rely on the techniques that are already proven and tested in increasing Facebook likes. Below are few of the tested techniques you can make use of to get many likes for your fan page.


1. Leverage Existing Networks - It is good to start with getting likes from the people you know and interact with. This can refer to your family, relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues, online contacts. Ask them to like the business, brand, products and services you're promoting in the page. This is a good way to expand your social circle when the likes you get are satisfying. These people can also help you promote your page to their own friends and colleagues.


2. Connect Offline Activities - Another overlooked strategy which is proven to be effective is connecting offline activities to your campaign. This is even better than asking favor like sending a request to a person. Whenever you meet people, take time to discuss your fan page and the benefits it can offer. Include the URL of your page on your brochures, business cards and ads. You can also post notices on areas that are visited by many people. It is also good to link with other fan page owners related to what you are promoting. Visit this website at for more facts about social media.


3. Run a Facebook Advertisement - If you are eager to get the desired results, then you will sure not mind to spend some money. Running and implementing your Facebook ad wisely allows you to increase the likes on your page. You will make use of the in-house advertising platform in Facebook so you can reach your target demographics. This is just easy since Facebook's ad wizard helps your ad to be exposed to your target demographic, like those who are living in the same location, or have liked same pages and others. You can buy facebook likes here! 



4. Post Special Offers - Finally, attract more likes through offering exclusive content. This can be a free report, great video, discount or buy facebook likes. This has been used by most pages and considered to be a very effective way to get plenty of likes on your Facebook page. There are so much exclusive offers you can use to get the desired results.